Wen-Ling Liao

WEN-LING LIAO is a lighting designer hailing from Taiwan. Some of her recent theatre credits include: Sense and Sensibility (2015), Grounded (2015), La Traviata (2014), A Nice Indian Boy (2014), I and You (2013), Twas The Night (2012), Elizabeth I (2012), The Exit Interview (2012), The Glass Menagerie (2012), The Storm (2012), Hedda Gabler (2011), Small Prophecies (2011), Everything Nice (2010), The Sleuth (2009), Riz Flambe (Avignon Off-Festival 2008), Toi (Taipei Fringe Festival 2008), Riz Souffle (Avignon Off-Festival 2007). Selected dance credits include: “100 Feet” (2012), “Live in the Wake” (2012), “DIS or DER” (2011), “The Cartographer’s Scythe” (2011), “An Archive of Happiness” (2010), “Deep Light” (2010). Wen-Ling holds her BA in the Department of Drama and Theatre from National Taiwan University and earned her MFA in Theatre and Dance from UC San Diego.