Christy Escobar

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Theater: Melody in Bad Jews at Longwarf-2nd Stage, Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby (Virginia Stage Co), Jen u/s in The Book Club Play (Berkshire Theatre Fest), Christina Grant in Murder on the Nile (Dorset Theatre Fest), Boggis/Fox Child in Fantastic Mr. Fox (Dorset), Ensemble in Around the World in 80 Days (Berkshire), Paquita in El Si de las Ninas (Cafe Teatro, Spain)

University Theater: Rosita/Lady Mulligan in Camino Real, Katherine Hepburn in Hello, Red!, Lydia Petrovna in KMT, Diane/Michelle in Across the Water, Betsy/Lindsey in Clybourne Park, Gilda in Design for Living, Irina in Three Sisters, Mette in Festen, Fioria/June in The Time of the Cuckoo, Regan in King Lear, Rachel in Reckless

Film: A Trumpet And A Feather, The Man In The Woods, Who We Are Now, Yuppies, Life Now, Life Then, Blindspot, Inaudible, Bright Morning, Set in Grey Matter, Beauty Vulgarity, Loser Leaves Town

Training: MFA in Acting from New York Univerity, BFA in Acting from UC Santa Barbara