Laura Knight Keating

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New York: Lilia in Cell (Fallen Angel Theatre Co), Alladine in Ariane et Barbe-Bleue (NYC Opera), Arlette/Various in Journey’s Among the Dead (Connolly Theatre), Julie in Talent (Fallen Angel Theatre Co), String’s Attached, Helena in Shakespeare’s Women-Under the Corset

Regional: Lady Merisvale in Compleat Female Stage Beauty (Philadelphia Theatre Co), Nerissa in Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare on the Sound), Hermione u/s in The Winter’s Tale (American Repertory Theatre), Sara in The Arrival of Helen into Troy (ART), Christa in Full Circle (ART), Constance u/s in Idiots Karamozov (ART), Julie in Miss Julie (ART), Olivia in Twelfth Night (ART/MXAT Institute), YeYe in Sarita (ART/MXAT Ins), Olga in Pheobe’s Got Three Sisters (ART/MXAT Ins), The Bluebird, The Great God Brown

Television: The Path , Boardwalk Empire, Ed, Hope and Faith, Lipstick Jungle

Film: Diane, The Street, The Christian Paluck Story