Valerie Perrine

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After making her debut in the Kurt Vonnegut classic “Slaughterhouse Five,” Valerie went on to perform with some of the most respected actors of our time; Gene Hackman in “Superman,” Jack Nicholson and Harvey Keitel in “The Border,” Robert Mitchum in “Agency,” Jackie Gleason in “Mr. Billion,” Dennis Hopper and Wesley Snipes in “Boiling Point,” Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in “The Electric Horseman,” and countless others. She has also starred in numerous MOW’s, pilots, and guest appearances, including “Nash Bridges,” “The Practice,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Homicide: Life on the Street,” “ER,” “Third Watch,” and “Lights Out”. Valerie’s acting has generated numerous awards and nominations. For her dramatic role in “Lenny” opposite Dustin Hoffman and directed by Bob Fosse, she received the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, the New York Film Critics Award, the British Academy Award, the New York Board of Review, the National Association of Theaters Award, the United Motion Picture Association award, the Hollywood Women’s Press Club Newcomer of the Year nomination and a nomination for an Oscar as “Best Actress” at the American Academy Awards. Additionally, an ACE Award nomination for a Miss Piggy-type bimbo in Shelley Duvall’s’ Faeire Tale Theatre also proved her talent as a comedienne. And despite a multitude of accomplishments, many remember Valerie for her alluring covers of Playboy. Valerie has lived all over the world, and as a member of the EEC, she has work all over Europe. She spent four years in Japan, two years in Paris, four years in London, and two years in Rome, where she appeared in a diverse assortment of Italian films and TV. From Italy, Valerie relocated to NY and with this move came the return of her desire to work on stage, something she hadn’t done since her late teens as a dancer in Las Vegas. She nabbed the lead in “Steel Magnolias” and also starred with Tony Randall in “The Man Who Came To Dinner”. Valerie is an avid animal lover and has shared her home simultaneously with four immense great danes and a two hundred and fifty pound mastiff. She enjoys needlepoint, sewing, reading, painting, gardening, and traveling. Her latest pursuit is writing her autobiography.