David Birney

David on IMDB

Film: Lead in Nightfall, Lead in Pretty Kill, Lead in Oh God, Book II, Lead in Goodbye, See You Monday, Lead in Trial By Combat, Lead in Carravan to Vaccares

Television: Series Lead on Live Shot, Series Lead on St. Elsewhere, Series Lead on Glitter, Series Lead on Serpico, Series Lead on Secrets, Series Lead on Bridget Loves Bernie, Series Lead on Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Mini-Series: Lead on Night of the Fox, Lead on Testimony of Two Men, Lead on Master of the Game, Lead on Valley of the Dolls, Lead on Seal Morning, Lead on Greatest Heroes of the Bible, lead on The Adams Chronicles, Lead on Touch and Die

Television Mow: Lead in Keeping Secrets, Lead in Always Remember I Love You, Lead in Cast a Shadow, lead in Love and Betrayal, Lead in Long Journey Home, lead in The Five of Me, Lead in High Midnight, lead in Mom, The Wolfman and Me, Lead in OHMS, lead in Someone is Watching Me!, lead in The Deadly Game (Serpico), lead in Only with Married Men, lead in Bronk, lead in The Champions, lead in Saint Joan, lead in The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Broadway: Salieri in Amadeus, Jack Tanner in Man and Superman, David in Benefactors