Briandaniel Oglesby

Plays written by Briandaniel Oglesby

[a different] ROMEO & JULIET


Dogfuckers, or, “The One with the Dogs” – (3M, 1W) – In a crappy house surrounded by a dead walnut orchard, brothers Boomer and Dirt struggle with each other, with themselves, and with their dog-breeding business. As their prized pregnant pooch swells, they seem on the way to strike it big. Their dreams are disrupted when Boomer brings home Marisol, who should be a one-night stand, and Dirt finds a boy who will never grow up.

She Gets Naked in the End – (1M, 2W) – Every night, an untouchable woman walks into the bar, and she always, always, always leaves alone. Men fall over themselves for a shot at her, but it’s a woman from the past who drags the god back to the earth, the place where we all eat dirt.

Small Steps – (2M, 1W) – Finally fed up with the bot-and- disappointment-filled world of online gay dating, Skip Powers volunteers to go to Mars. The National Association of Space Astronauts says, “Hell yes, you leave in a week.” This is a comedy that travels 50 million miles and a million years.

Halfway, Nebraska – (1M, 2W) – In Halfway, Nebraska, Sheila drives her disturbed adoptive son Nate across the country. Nebraska’s has a Safe Haven law, which allows parents to leave their children at hospitals, no questions asked. Also in the car is nine-year-old Miri, her adoptive daughter. As the miles tick away, the layers of Sheila and Nate’s complicated relationship peel apart. Halfway, Nebraska explores the limits of hope and what it means to love someone who may be too far damaged to save.

The Jungle Book – (8-20 Actors) – Adopted by Raksha of the Seeonee wolf pack and hunted by Shere Khan the tiger, Mowgli wants nothing more than to fit in somewhere. But fitting in with wolves isn’t easy for a man’s cub like Mowgli. When Mowgli runs away, he sets in motion his own coming-of-age journey as he bounces from ape to snake to human communities. This is a play about community and what it means to be a perpetual outsider, with a environmentalist message to boot. This adaptation borrows from the Mowgli narrative in the Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

[a different] Romeo & Juliet – (13 Characters) – An adaptation of the Bard’s classic play with a twist: Romeo and Juliet are both boys. The LGBTQ adaptation was written for a junior high drama class in Texas. Although a campy comedy, the play turns serious late – before finding a happy ending for Juliet and his Romeo.


Briandaniel is a queer, (half) Latino emerging playwright and California ex-pat now living in Texas. He writes plays for teens and plays very much not for teens. His play Halfway, Nebraska was developed at Playwrights’ Week at the Lark a few years ago, and went on to with the award for Outstanding Playwriting from the New York International Fringe Festival. His She Gets Naked in the End won the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Latinidad Award, and may or may not premier somewhere in northern California in the next year. He is a three-time National Finalist in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Regarding his theatre-for-teens: His adaptation of The Jungle Book was commissioned by Big Idea Theatre, and published by Steele Spring Stage Rights. He recently wrote and directed an gay adaptation of [a different] Romeo & Juliet for middle schoolers. For ten years, he spent his summers breathing barn dust on a farm as Literary Manager for Barnyard Theatre, a company he co-founded housed in an old barn. He has an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin.He now splits his time between Austin and Sacramento.