Cary Crim

Plays written by Cary Crim

ROOM 313


Morning After Grace –  (2M 1W) Hilarious and heart-warming, this unconventional new comedy tackles love, loss, and coming to terms with growing old. After hooking up at a funeral, Angus and Abigail find themselves waking up the next morning wrapped in sheets on Angus’ sofa. Strangers just the day before, Abigail thinks she may finally be ready to take another chance on love, but Angus has a few issues to work through first. Enter neighbor Ollie, formerly a baseball player for the Detroit Tigers who now enjoys golf and yoga. Nothing is as it seems with this trio and every disclosure reveals a new perspective. Set in a nearby Florida retirement community, this charming and big-hearted comedy takes us on an unexpected journey toward a new lease on life.

23.5 Hours (Conviction) - Tom Hodges is a charismatic, confident and caring teacher who students adore and parents admire. The smart, wise-cracking colleague with all the answers. The neighbor who takes care of the neighborhood. The perfect husband and father. But when a student accuses Tom of crossing a line, everything changes. This delicately balanced, beautifully nuanced new family drama digs deep beneath the surface of a happy suburban existence to explore the damage done once the seeds of mistrust are planted.

Wake – Molly Harrison, an agoraphobic mortician, has been anchored to the safety of her funeral home for over three years. Her vivacious mother and precocious teenage daughter try in their own humorous ways to help her take that first step down the front walk, including hypnosis, sensory-overload therapy and a trip to Moscow. But in the end, Molly must realize what is truly important in her life before the power of love can finally inspire her to embrace the world again.

Green Dot Day  -  Emily and David desperately want a baby but, so far, it hasn’t happened for them. Tonight…they must try to procreate before the window of opportunity is slammed shut for another month. Emily plans a romantic evening, but the stress of “have to” might prove to be too much for them both. Winner: Miami City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting.

Glamping – Buried feelings come to the surface when Myles and Kate attend a destination wedding for Kate’s ex.

Room 313 – A young housekeeper makes a shocking discovery when she knocks on the door to clean Room 313 at a cheap roadside motel near the New York- Canadian border. She meets a distressed soldier who, one way or another, doesn’t want to return to duty. Their subsequent interaction will change them both forever.

Never Not Once – Eleanor, a biology major at Princeton, brings her boyfriend Rob home to meet her two (not perfect but still pretty excellent moms). While there, she lets them know that she has hired a private investigator to help her find her biological father. She says, as a scientist, she is curious about her genetics. But it’s evident she might also just want to meet her dad. Nadine, her non-biological mom thinks it’s a great idea, partly because she had a deep and wonderful relationship with her own father. Allison, Eleanor’s biological mom is less enthusiastic, insisting that Eleanor’s father, a one night stand in college whose name Allison doesn’t remember, never even knew she existed. Nadine secretly gives Allison the name Doug. This information sends Eleanor on a journey to an unexpected and explosive answer to the question “Where do I come from?” The fallout and complications from this revelation force the whole family- and Doug- to confront the past in order to have any hope of moving on to a better future.