David Valdes Greenwood

Plays written by David Valdes Greenwood



The Mermaid Hour – (2M, 2W, 2 trans/non-binary) – For Pilar and Bird, navigating their tween daughter Violet’s transition is tricky as they juggle not only their own opposing parenting styles but her impulsive nature. Vi is just as concerned about her best friend Jacob, who she wishes was her boyfriend, and when nothing is going as she wants, she makes a YouTube video that pushes everyone’s buttons. As her parents wrestle with all of Vi’s choices, they confront the gaps between them as a couple–and which they’ll have to overcome to see them all through.

The Last Catastrophist – (2W) – Marina, one of the last two climatologists on earth, has hidden herself on the coast of Iceland to escape increasing threats from Eternal Sunshine, a dark ops force dedicated to harassing climate scientists into silence. But when Lucia, her one remaining peer, shows up unannounced, a cat-and-mouse game ensues. Are they allies? Enemies? Who works for who? A suspenseful two-woman show, the Last Catastrophist draws on climate science and real life events to imagine life on the brink of extinction.

Full Code – (3-4 W, 3 M) Drama. When an injured man’s wife and “work wife” meet at his bedside with opposing views on his care, everyone has to ask when it’s time to hold on or let go.

Raggedy Ann – (2 W, 2 M) Comedy. A self-identified lesbian is asked to be the first transgender inaugural poet and her response starts a battle with the White House and her own house.


David Valdes Greenwood is a Company One PlayLab Fellow, as well as a past Huntington Theatre Company Playwriting Fellow, and Brother Thomas Artist Fellow. His plays have been fully staged and presented in public readings across the US and UK, most recently with Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company, Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, the National Showcase of New Plays, Pride Films and Plays, and IATI Theatre. He has worked with Company One, Argos Productions, Stage Left, Ensemble Studio Theatre, and The Theater Offensive, and his plays have appeared at the Humana Festival, New York International Fringe Festival, Portland Stage Little Festival of the Unexpected, and New York Theatre Workshop Thursday Studio. His plays have published and anthologized by Samuel French. In 2017-2018, his play The Mermaid Hour will be staged by Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, Borderlands Theatre, Milagros, and (as Mermaid Hour: ReMixed) Mixed Blood Theatre.