Jake Minton, Phillip Klapperich

Plays written by Jake Minton, Phillip Klapperich, Kevin O’Donnell, and Tommy Rapley

The Nutcracker


The Nutcracker – (10M 3W) For the family of twelve-year old Clara, a Christmas without her recently deceased older brother can never be the same. When her eccentric Uncle Drosselmeyer gives Clara a wooden nutcracker that happens to look just like her brother, a fantastic journey begins. After the nutcracker comes to life, Clara and a team of wise-cracking toys face down the evil Rat King in a battle that teaches Clara and all of us how to celebrate life while honoring loss. Adapted from the original tale by E.T.A. Hoffman, with live music from a 4-piece band.


Jake Minton came to Chicago after graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2002. With The House, take your pick of the cool roles he’s gotten to play: a preacher-whose-lost-his-faith turned cowboy, a sword-swinging samurai daimyo, the Cowardly Lion, a senile arch-villain professor, an effusive caveman clown, and a 1930s Mike Hammer-style Chicago detective. With Chris Mathews, Jake co-wrote the 2005 time-travel epic Dave DaVinci Saves the Universe. He serves as Director of Guest Relations for The House, running box-office and ensuring that each audience member has the best possible experience any time it even thinks of the words “The House.” He is also a clown with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit in Chicago, where he plays his ukulele for hospitalized children and goes by the name “Doctor Cowboy.” Jake’s favorite role is that of husband to his beautiful wife Sarah, whom he married in 2006.