Julie Marie Myatt

Plays written by Julie Marie Myatt



Flooded – (4M 2W) A mythic drama about a star TV meteorologist who becomes engulfed in extreme climate events.

Frank is a Miracle – (3M 1W) What are the secret lives of your neighbors? Harriet assumed she knew something about Frank from what she witnessed of his quiet life in their New York neighborhood. When she is invited into his apartment for tea, his world unfolds and explodes in ways she never could have imagined.

Hell Leaves Odessa – (1M 1W 4 or more M/W) Booker Baines, pastor at The First People’s Church of Odessa, spends his life guiding people to salvation. When he encounters the absolute suffering of starving refugees in Sudan, in high definition, on his new television, his faith is shaken. Complaining of chest pains, he goes to a hospital. There, he meets Dr. Mame Sullivan, a frustrated and guarded, but highly skilled cardiologist. She tends to his health, but finds that she needs him just as much as he needs her.
Together, they each find something to believe in.

Opium Den – (5M 1W) The Milton siblings, both in their forties, have had little contact with each other over the last twenty years. Matthew is rough photo-journalist working in war zones, Lizzie an elegant lady with a wealthy man and a luxury villa. Lizzie’s perfect facade turns out to hide an abyss of pain and substance abuse.Is it possible to bridge the chasm that has formed between brother and sister?

Wake Up, Mrs. Moore – (2M 4W) It is 1970 and Virginia Moore is in love with Glenn, but she is also attempting to change her future by protesting for Equal Rights for Women. At a rally, she is knocked unconscious by a beer bottle and lapses into a coma. Forty years pass by as Glenn tends to her, waiting for her recovery. When she miraculously awakes in 2011, Virginia has evolved, and the two have to piece together a new relationship.

Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter – (3M 3W) When U.S. Marine Jenny Sutter returns from Iraq, she lays down her rifle but isn’t ready to pick up her children. Buying some time, Jenny takes a one-way trip to nowhere a desert community where misfit residents gently nurture her wounded spirit and nudge her back to her own humanity.

Birder – (2M,2W) Birder follows an accountant who, upon the discovery of a house finch nesting outside his home in Los Feliz, finds himself forced to question his most basic assumptions about what it means to be a father, husband and breadwinner. Birder is a play about birds, silence and finding both terror and solace in Los Angeles’ unique urban ecology.


Julie Marie Myatt’s play, Someday, about reproductive rights in Los Angeles, was commissioned by Cornerstone Theatre Company and recently premiered this June as part of their 3-year Justice Cycle. Her play Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter premiered at Oregon Shakespeare Festival in February, and toured to the Kennedy Center this July. Her play Boats On A River, commissioned by the Guthrie Theater, premiered in May 2007, and was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. Her play My Wandering Boy premiered at South Coast Rep, and was featured in the 2007 Summer Play Festival in NYC. Her ten-minute play, Mr. and Mrs. premiered at the 2007 Humana Festival. Her play The Sex Habits of American Women was produced by the Guthrie Theater, Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA, among others, and premiered at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco. She is currently working on commissions for the Guthrie Theatre, Denver Center Theatre Company, ACT Seattle, and South Coast Rep. She received a Walt Disney Studios Screenwriting Fellowship, a Jerome Fellowship at the Playwrights’ Center, and a McKnight Advancement Grant. She is a member of New Dramatists.

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