Julien Schwab

Plays written by Julien Schwab



Beautiful Morning – (3M 4W) The past and present are connected and unfold onstage simultaneously in this bittersweet drama. One family, long estranged, is finally reunited but only by breaking apart.

Nicotine – (2M 3W) A collection of awkard, uncomfortable snapshots, this dark comedy explores four relationships at their most human and vulnerable moments. Why are we so addicted to this deadly habit? Why do we fall in love?

Roger and Tom – (2M 1W) Roger and Tom is an intriguing puzzle waiting to be solved by the audience. The play is a subtle work that twists and folds back on itself, demanding that viewers reach their own conclusions. The play is about the theater in the most superficial levels, at its core it is about so much more: love and death, decay and transcendence.


Most recently, a production of Julien Schwab’s one-act comedy, rogerandtom, ran at HERE Arts Center. Produced by Personal Space Theatrics (PST), the show was a Critics’ Pick by The New York Times and Time Out NY.

Julien received a BFA in Drama from Syracuse University in 2001. He then became resident playwright for PST in New York City. PST has produced several of his works including rogerandtom in 2003 and his two-act, Nicotine in 2004. In Los Angeles, 4th Wall Productions produced rogerandtom in 2004 (LA Weekly Pick of the Week), his two-act, Beautiful Morning in 2007, and co-produced rogerandtom’s international debut at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (two five-star reviews). There have also been productions of rogerandtom in Philadelphia (Marathon House Productions) in Boston (Simple Machines Theatre).

Julien recently completed his first TV pilot for the baseball drama, The Bull Pen, and is hard at work on his second. He also has a newly completed feature-length screenplay, Bulldog, the story of an epic, comedic, road trip. In addition, Julien is the producer/host of season one of the comedic podcast Advice From Grown-Ups, currently available on iTunes or at advicefromgrownups.com. Season two of Advice From Grown-Ups premiers this winter.

Julien has worked as a contributing writer on many projects, including the short film Across the Hall (starring Adrian Grenier), the subsequent feature film Across The Hall (starring Brittany Murphy), the short theater piece, Stats, which premiered in NYC as part of Myth America (featuring new works by Israel Horovitz, Teresa Rebek and Arthur Kopit), the musical Christmas through the Century for The Gateway Playhouse and the short film Bulldog (for which he also operated as executive producer).