Kathleen Cahill

Plays written by Kathleen Cahill



Course 86B in the Catalogue – (2M 2W) A comedic riff on evolution set in a small community college in an arid state where extraordinary artifacts from the ancient past abound – some of them still living.

Harbur Gate – (2M 3W) Five soldiers are traveling on the same convoy in northern Iraq at the height of the war. The journey tests their warriors’ code–and their humanity–in ways they could never have imagined.

The Persian Quarter – (2M 2W) Set in Iran during the American hostage crisis of 1979-81, and then thirty years later when a chance encounter by two young women, one American, the other Iranian, leads to revelations of a shared past. An invigorating drama about the power of words to reveal and hide and finally, to create the world. Published by Dramatic Publishing.

Monsterheart – (2/3M 5W) “What is a family? A family is composed of people you’re related to, by blood or marriage or something else that I just don’t understand. People who are in your life because. Just because. They are the cold hard facts of existence. The stuff that makes up most of the universe. Like dark matter. It doesn’t matter if you like them or don’t like them. It doesn’t matter if you see them every day, or don’t see them for months or years. They’re out there. Your family. They don’t go away.” A new comic family horror.

On the Road – (3W) Three women in their fifties, friends since childhood, take a weekend road trip together. MURIEL is a manicurist with seven children; CHRISTINE is a former beauty queen, and SUSIE is an executive whose breast cancer may have come back. A spiritual comedy about hair color, manicures, fish tacos, cancer. And magic.


CHARM was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Kathleen’s other awards include: the Jane Chamber Playwrighting Award, (winner, and honorable mention) a Connecticut Commission on the Arts Playwrighting Award, (twice) a Massachusetts Artists Foundation Award, a Rockefeller Grant, a National Endowment for the Arts New American Works Grant, and a Drama League Award. She is also a writer and story editor for Masterpiece Theatre on PBS, and Playwright in Residence at the Salt Lake Acting Company.

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