Lindsay Joelle

Plays written by Lindsay Joelle



TRAYF: (1f, 3m)- Zalmy lives a double life: by day, he’s the Rebbe’s loyal foot soldier, driving a tricked-out “Mitzvah Tank” through NYC with his best friend Shmuel. By night, he sneaks away from his orthodox community to roller-skate, dance in discos, and listen to rock and roll. But when he befriends a zealous young man eager to be his student, the barrier between Zalmy’s two worlds starts to crack—until he finds himself in the middle of the 1991 Crown Heights riots and must choose once and for all where he belongs. ​

THE GARBOLOGISTS (1f, 1m) – Danny’s the white, conservative DSNY veteran. Marlowe’s the Black, female, ivy-league drop-out who just joined his route. As Danny mansplains the unwritten and sometimes counterintuitive codes of the 4th most dangerous job in the nation, Marlowe pits her book smarts against his street smarts to prove her value on the route. But when they find something in the garbage too valuable to throw away, they’ll each be forced to re-appraise in the other what they mistook for trash.

A SMALL HISTORY OF AMAL BY AMAL, AGE 7 (3f, 3m) – On the day of the 2006 Mumbai train bombings, a seven-year-old boy in a public hospital lives a smaller history. He meets doctors, patients, and a food service worker with dreams of Bollywood. He escapes down crowded corridors and falls in love for the first time. But when the trains are attacked and the hospital struggles to treat the survivors, Amal gets lost in the shuffle. Now, it’ll take an explorer’s heart and a little Bollywood magic to defeat the god of death.


Lindsay Joelle is a NYC-based playwright, lyricist, and librettist. Her work includes TRAYF (Penguin Rep, world premiere: Theater J), The Garbologists, The Princess of Riverside Drive (Vital Theater), and A Small History of Amal by Amal, Age 7. Her writing has been developed at The New Georges Jam, The Great Plains Theatre Conference, The Lark, The New School for Drama, Forward Flux, Luna Stage, and ESPA/Primary Stages, among others. Her plays have received the Rita Goldberg Award for Graduate Playwriting, Irving Zarkower Award for best play of the year, Anne Freedman Grant, Kilroys List Honorable Mention, and have been finalists for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and O’Neill National Music Theater Conference, Bay Area Playwrights Festival (Special Recognition), Leah Ryan’s FEWW Emerging Playwright Prize (Honorable Mention), JAW Festival, Blue Ink Award, Ingram New Works Lab, UMass New Play Lab, and Jewish Plays Project top ten. Lark and New Georges affiliated artist, alumna of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, Columbia University, and Hunter Playwriting MFA.