Michael Laurence

Plays written by Michael Laurence



Hamlet in Bed – (1M 1W) Michael is a failed actor who spends his days obsessing about the great role he will probably never get to play- Hamlet! He is also an orphan and is haunted by the idea of reuniting with the mother who relinquished him at birth. Countless internet searches finally lead him to a random clue, and he becomes convinced (or deluded?) that the former actress Anna May Miller is his natural birth-mother. At first he stalks her from a distance, but then, taking a cue from Hamlet, he conceives a “mousetrap” to lure her into his orbit: an experimental production of Hamlet in which he will play the title role himself opposite Anna in the role of his mother, Queen Gertrude.

Krapp, 39 – (1M) In Samuel Beckett’s “vaudeville pantomime” Krapp’s Last Tape, a 69-year-old man dictates his thoughts into a tape recorder, as he does every year on his birthday. But first, he listens to an older, autobiographical tape (labeled “Farewell to Love”) that he recorded when he was 39 years old. Reeling on his own 39th birthday, Michael Laurence conducts a multi-media reflection on his identification with Beckett’s character: his fears, his failures, and his search for (and forfeiture of) love, all in preparation to record a version of the 39-year-old Krapp’s soliloquy to be used in an imagined production of Krapp’s Last Tape in the year 2038, thirty years from now. The journey spans Michael’s readings and research, recorded telephone conversations, letters, and personal journal entries. Krapp, 39 is a deeply personal window on one man’s last moment of youth.


MICHAEL LAURENCE is the author of the plays Hamlet In Bed, Krapp39, The Escape Artist, Virgil’s Cauldron, and the co-creator (with playwright-performer Edgar Oliver) of Chop Off Your Ear. He also wrote and directed the independent feature film Escape Artists.

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