Sarah Saltwick

Plays written by Sarah Saltwick



A Perfect Robot – (3M 3W) A marvel of art and technology, Mollybot is an almost perfect and affordable soulmate. When her creator goes off in search of the last missing piece to her soul, her machinery is left vulnerable to the commercial and jealous side of creation. Her body and programming are threatened. With only Alan Turing at her side, can Mollybot scale the distance between robot and human, subject and self?

Rabbits – (1M 2W) After the collapse of the civilized world, people are struggling to survive. Technology has failed. Food is scarce. Rabbits have grown huge in size and frightening in strength. Cass has fled a compound to hunt for a better life. Her journey leads her to the isolated home of Jackson and his daughter Dove. After these three days, nothing is the same.

Scarlet Letter – (4M 6W) A new play based on a classic story. Hester Prynne has been sentenced to wear a scarlet letter. Her young daughter Pearl asks questions Hester can’t easily answer. And then a familiar stranger comes to town… This adaptation offers fresh interpretations, an expanded cast of characters, and new insights.

Tender Rough Rough Tender – (1M 1W) It’s the hottest summer on record and Bell’s picked drinking over people. Mike’s got experience fighting fires but their attraction is a whole new disaster. A play built for theatrical gestures and two performers with nerves.

The Pleasure Trials –  (2W) is about the development, testing and impact of a new female libido drug.


She writes new love stories between people, places, and things. Her plays are built of hope and danger; fantasy and history; that which is impossible and that which is necessary. In 2012 – 2013, her adaptation of The Scarlet Letter was featured on UT Austin’s mainstage, her play She Creatures was produced by Nouveau 47 in Dallas, TX and she developed We Are StarStuff, a theatrical experiment about the cosmos, for the Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op. Her work has been presented, developed or produced by the University of Texas at Austin, Nouveau 47, Westmont College, paper chairs theatre company, TheatreMasters, Scriptworks, WordBRIDGE, Bristol Riverside Theater, Shrewd Productions, and Last Frontier Theatre Conference. She has been a finalist for the Heideman Award and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival and was twice nominated for Best New Play by the Austin Critics Table. She’s written plays inspired by giant rabbits, Texas, guacamole, Dolly Parton and more. Her fiction has been published by Escape Into Life and is forthcoming in Timber Magazine.