Vincent Delaney

Plays Written by Vincent Delaney



Las Cruces (1M,2W) – In the New Mexico desert, not far from the casinos and the spaceport, Sheridan is camped out, hiding in a gutted trailer. Everyone knows he’s there, but no one knows why. Except maybe a card player named Soledad.

Foreclosure (2M, 3W) – Garrett and Tory are neighbors to Rob and Paige, in a Southern California neighborhood ravaged by foreclosure. Six months ago Rob lost his job and home, and vanished with his pregnant wife. But today they’re back, squatting with their newborn baby in their former home, craving reconnection with their best friends. Everything has changed, but there are still deep bonds, full of tension and jealousy and humor, between the two couples. As Garrett and Tory struggle to understand what’s happening, they find their own marriage fracturing. And when a realtor shows up with a buyer for Rob’s home, the tension pushes all the relationships past a point of no return.

The Ansel Intimacy (2M, 1W) – On his 16th birthday, Tate receives a present he never asked for: Ansel, who was grown to provide him with replacement parts. But as they grow up together, Tate discovers that some gifts can’t be so easily accepted. Set in a dystopia not that far from today, the play asks how far we’ll go to stay human.

99 Layoffs (1M, 1W) – Orson and Louella are job seekers in the most ruthless market known to history: the world of today. As they spiral through the brutality of telemarketing, fast food, failed interviews, and nasty bosses, somehow both the jobs and the firings get worse. In the end they discover the sweetness that comes from love–and rebellion.

The Art of Bad Men (4M, 2W) – Based on interviews with former German prisoners of war, this is the true story of the POW camps which dotted the US during World War Two. It’s 1945. Thousands of Germans are trapped here behind barbed wire, while back home their world is collapsing. Some are ardent Nazis, some are barely old enough to hold a shovel. Every one of them is scared: of the war, of losing their home, of the vastness of this strange land. But for a few, a camp production of a Moliere play may give them a chance—either to escape or to transcend.

Fire Station 7 (3M, 2W) – When the firefighting team at Fire Station 7 discovers a frisky alley cat named Coco hiding in their truck, they waste no time in giving her the boot. But Coco’s biggest dream is to be a fire cat, and she begs Jasper, Briggs, and Olive to let her stay. They finally allow her one shot at the job, and Coco is delighted. But being a fire cat turns out to be much harder than she thought. Still, Coco never gives up, determined to learn everything about fire safety, help in emergencies, and pass her exam.This hilarious new musical comedy for all ages seamlessly integrates the seven rules of fire safety in a rock n’ roll performance as educational as it is entertaining.


Vincent Delaney is a writer whose plays have been produced, commissioned and developed at the Humana Festival, Florida Studio Theatre, LAByrinth, Seattle Rep, New Harmony Project, Source Theatre Festival, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Florida Stage, the Children’s Theatre Company, the Magic, Woolly Mammoth, Shakespeare and Company, Pittsburgh Public, the Lark, PlayLabs, and Orlando Shakespeare Festival, among others.

Las Cruces won the 2016 New Play Festival from Premiere Stages. 99 Layoffs premiered at ACT Theatre and Radial Theatre Project, and was produced at Orange Tea Theatre in Amsterdam. The script was a nominee for the ATCA Steinberg Award.

The Sequence, commissioned by the Guthrie, has been produced around the country and in the UK, Canada and Japan.

The War Party was developed through the National New Play Network, and had simultaneous world premieres at Seattle Public Theatre and Philadelphia’s InterAct.

Ampersand won the Reva Shiner Comedy Award from the Bloomington Playwrights Project. Other awards include McKnight and Bush Fellowships, Core Membership at the Playwrights Center, the Heideman, a Jerome Commission, the Virtual Theatre Project New Play Award, and the Nathan Miller Award from the Sprenger Lang Foundation.

Vince’s plays are published by Applause Books, Smith and Kraus, Samuel French, Heineman, Dramatics Magazine, Theatre Forum, and He is a proud alumnus of the Seattle Rep Writers Group, and a two time Gregory Nominee.