Music/Lyrics by Andrew R. Butler
Book by Andrew Farmer

It’s Spirit Week in Blessing, AL, the little ol’ town that lives up to its name with sunny skies, friendly faces, and most famously, the fact that it hasn’t been hit by a hurricane in 93 years. Or is it 92? We’re shown around by a large cast of characters: a charming couple with a strained marriage, a bride-to-be plagued with bouts of trance-like walking, the adopted younger sister of Delouise (who was murdered five years ago this week), a snake-handling pastor, a mysterious drifter, a high school garage band, a gang of popular girls, a science teacher searching for faith, a zealous woman crippled by dark secrets, a guilt stricken town drunk, and the first hurricane in memory, forcing everyone to reckon with the things they’d rather forget and grapple with questions they’d rather not ask. Is this hurricane a punishment from God? Should we evacuate or ride out the storm? Who killed Delouise? Who will protect us? Who will forgive us? Are we really blessed?