A full service agency representing writers, directors, designers, and actors.

We strive to be partners in each of our clients' life work. To that end, our main job is to represent and promote clients, discovering opportunities and possibilities, submitting their work to producers, negotiating contracts and licenses, seeking out new markets and audiences for each of our clients work, and to offer experienced counsel and sage advice to each client in regards to their individual career choices. We are dedicated to supporting each of our clients, their work and their careers, as we continue to develop and encourage new work and new talent.

This site has been created to help promote our clients work by making their scripts, design portfolios, music, photos, resumes and bio's easily accessible to other artists, producers, theatres, directors, casting directors, and publishers. This site is a co-venture with our clients. Many of them have links to their own web sites where you can access them directly. We are here to help, please let us know how we are doing.